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Ashford University Practicum Specialist in United States

The Practicum Specialist position is a full-time role at Ashford University. The Practicum Specialist will coordinate the operations and administrative requirements of practicum placement for online students. The Practicum Specialist will work closely with the Deans, faculty, and staff in managing reports, training, document development, supporting students in securing a practicum site and guiding students through practicum requirements.

Key Tasks

  • Utilize standard operating procedures to manage the process of practicum placement including but not limited to site identification, requirements, and contracts.

  • Conduct regular office hours to include early mornings, evenings, and occasional weekend hours to accommodate student time zones and work hours.

  • Maintain timely and professional telephone and online communications with faculty, students, site representatives and legal services to work through the document processing aspects of practicum site placement and approval.

  • Partner closely with faculty to ensure students are effectively completing their practicum responsibilities and mandated hours.

  • Maintain a comprehensive practicum site repository and expand practicum opportunities.

  • Maintain accurate and up to date documentation of all practicum, student information, forms, practicum assignments, contracts, and all related information.

  • Collaborate effectively with all other academic, student facing staff and leadership to ensure smooth student experiences with practicum.

  • Develop, collect, prepare, reconcile, and disseminate reports as requested.

Specialty Knowledge & Subject Area Expertise

  • Organize high volumes of time-sensitive legal and regulatory information and correspondence using a variety of tools and systems.

  • Utilize program specific Practicum Resource Centers in the Learning Management System to gather student documentation as outlined in the practicum requirements.

  • Supply practicum data upon request.

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